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“Settings evaluation” approach

Pr. Anne Brun, Eric Jacquet (Lecturers/Thesis supervisors)

Following the investigation of the ongoing contract about modelization of care settings, investigation works of this approach will be devoted to the implementation of clinical evaluation criteria of the settings, especially institutional psychotherapy settings and therapeutic mediations settings. A clinical methodology of evaluation will be developed. Indeed, clinical practices referred to psychoanalytic epistemology are often criticized for not being scientifically assessable, in an objective way, with specific criteria. Clinical psychologists tended to spend too much time in their ivory tower; but it has become urgent to invent clinical evaluation methodologies instead of being satisfied with criticizing the evaluation processes created according to other models than the ones referred to psychoanalytic epistemology. It is now necessary to suggest specific evaluation modalities to the clinical approach, in other words, to invent clinical methodologies of evaluation of the care settings.

The scientific purpose of these investigations is to set the basis of a reflection on clinical evaluation of psychoanalytic psychotherapy institution and group settings, and to suggest the main elements of a general theory on clinical evaluation of the settings referred to psychoanalytic theory, new in its conception. A historical approach will be suggested, with a critical perspective of the cognitive-behavioral models, and a review of clinical evaluation works on individual psychoanalytical psychotherapies. Then, the researchers will make new suggestions and try to build a metapsychology of the clinical evaluation. This approach will be related to the national network called “Investigations on Psychotherapies”, devoted to the clinical evaluation of individual psychotherapies. This investigation area of the CRPPC aims the evaluation of institutional and group settings, an innovation at a national and international level. The CRPPC initiated investigative collaboration on the matter with investigators from foreign universities implied in the international project “Art, creativity and care”.

The evaluation will describe the specificity and the different modalities of the symbolization processes implemented in the mediation and/or institution frame-settings on different types of pathological contexts, including heavy pathologies such as narcissistic, psychotic or identity disorders.
Therapeutic work techniques as well as intervention modalities of therapists will be analyzed in details. The question of transference and counter-transference dynamic will be central, with a development of the different forms of transference on institution, on therapists, on the group, on medium material, and on the framework’s materiality.

This approach largely implies the work of young researchers of the CRPPC. The student-researchers, just as PhD students and doctors, started to develop finalized tools for clinical evaluation of different settings, ready-made evaluation tables: works that are rapidly growing. Reference tables for a clinical evaluation will be suggested for every mediation: this new tools are very much appreciated by practitioners. A reflection and evaluation tables of the evaluation criteria on different forms of institutional psychotherapy – from their common investigation experience with “historic” functioning teams in institutional psychotherapy - will be suggested from the ongoing investigation contracts with the institutions wishing a clinical evaluation of the modalities in institutional psychotherapy.

Updated April 28, 2016


Directrice: Magali RAVIT,
Coordinatrice de recherche: Eliane GASTALDO,
Gestionnaire financier: Farida MARTINEZ,
Université Lumière Lyon 2