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Network "Disability and SIICLHA"


International Interuniversity Network "Disability" and
"Interuniversity Seminar on the Clinical Practice of Disability" (SIICLHA)

You have access to :

- A summary of the settings of the Network
- The scientific goals of the Network
- The scientific activity of the Network


Founded in partnership with the CRPPC in 2006 by:

Pr. A. Ciccone, Lyon 2 University (CRPPC),

S. Korff-Sausse, Lecturer, Paris 7 University (CRPMS)

Pr. S. Missonnier, Paris 5 University (PCPP)

Pr. R. Scelles, Rouen University (Psy-NCAà

R. Salbreux, child psychiatrist, Paris (AIRHM, ANECAMSP, CNHandicap)

Person in charge: Pr. A. Ciccone.

Scientific specificity

The research aim to grasp the intra and intersubjective psychic dimension of the disabled person, the repercussions on his/her love, family and social life and on that of his/her kin.


  • Psychodynamic clinical approach of disability situations.
  • Interface with all fields of human sciences. Interdisciplinary network (psychology and its subdisciplines, psychiatry, educational sciences, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, art).


  • Interdisciplinarity
  •  Annual international symposium
  • Annual group publication
  • PhD students participation in symposia and publications

Updated May 3, 2016


Directrice: Anne BRUN,
Directrice adjointe: Magali RAVIT,
Coordinatrice de recherche: Eliane GASTALDO,
Gestionnaire financier: Farida MARTINEZ,
Université Lumière Lyon 2