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Network "Clinical Practice of Adolescence"


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- A summary of the settings of the Network
- The scientific goals of the Network
- The scientific activities of the Network


Presentation of the network

 Founded by the CRPPC in 2003

Person in charge : Professor Yves Morhain.


Scientific specificity

  • Adolescence, between creation and destructiveness
  • Traumatic dimension

  • Pathologies of acting (teenage violence, criminality (teenage murderers, sexual violence...), connections between violence, delinquency, psychoactive substance use, etc.) and risks (causes and consequences) of domestic and social victimization. In extreme situations.

  • To explore and inform the psychological processes, methods and issues of creation during adolescence. The aim is to study how the steps and works done grasp and reveal the relationship between the young creator and the world, and others.


  • Psychoanalytical approach of the teenage process.

  • In the constant inter-connection between field and research, the network's lines of research, symposia and publications, referred to psychoanalytical metapsychology, focus on a double (individual and group) perspective.

  • Risk prevention and management in teenagers and young adults. The mediation is a key modality for the management of conflicting family and social situations involving a risk of deregulation.


  • The increase of interuniversity exchanges, in coordination with regional practitioners and many international universities.

  • The co-organization of an annual international symposium on a specific teenage issue, with other universities (Rennes 2, Paris 7) and more specifically a partnership with the French Adolescence Journal and members of the CILA (International Collegium of Adolescence).

  • The publication of several works, in the line of these symposia.


Updated May 3, 2016


Directrice: Anne BRUN,
Directrice adjointe: Magali RAVIT,
Coordinatrice de recherche: Eliane GASTALDO,
Gestionnaire financier: Farida MARTINEZ,
Université Lumière Lyon 2