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Our lab – also known as the “Lyon school” – is internationally known for its work on symbolisation.


Our publications are mainly about theorising symbolisation – mostly its primary forms – and modelling a general theory on health-care systems. We also publish on the connections of psychology with other fields, such as developmental psychology, biology, neurosciences, and social sciences.


To work on the new modelling of psychopathology, we focus on:

- the specific features of symbolisation according to the various periods of life,
- connecting clinical psychology with social sciences,
- building a several approaches template for somatic symptom disorders, considering body and deed language in symbolisation processes.


Our research challenges are:

- modelling symbolisation processes,
- investigating negative and desymbolisation forms – such as negative therapeutic reaction, destructivity, narcissism, phenomenology of disability shame, incest…–,
- studying how the phenomenology of crises and mutative periods (baby, teenage, old age) may help in modelling the various forms of adult pathology and health-care systems.


Updated March 23, 2020


Directrice: Magali RAVIT,
Coordinatrice de recherche: Eliane GASTALDO,
Gestionnaire financier: Farida MARTINEZ,
Université Lumière Lyon 2