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About us


In January 1993, Prof René KAËS created the Centre for Research in Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology (CRPPC) bringing several research laboratories together. Profs Jean GUILLAUMIN and Jean BERGERET were members of these laboratories.

CRPPC's epistemology is based on a psychoanalytic theory and a psychodynamic approach of psychological functioning. Our work is mainly focused on symbolisation, its phenomenology and its psychopathologies.

All our works offer a new shape of contemporary psychopathology based on symbolisation and related models developed by our laboratory. Through this research, we are able to notice serious pathologies of narcissism and "borderline and extreme situations" of subjectivity. Our theorising is closely linked to fundamental research on the modelling (and / or evaluation) of different health-care systems – including both current and new systems.

We also work on the connections of psychology with other fields, such as developmental psychology, biology, neurosciences, and social sciences. We aim not to confine our theorising to the only field of metapsychology, but to open an epistemological dialogue with other disciplines.

Our main achievements are:

·         the modelling for “borderline and extreme situations” phenomenology of subjectivity and the transposition of the traditional psychoanalytic model to other health-care fields and to other forms of psychotherapies;

·         the works on therapeutic mediations and the psychoanalytic approach to creation;

·         a modelling for a clinical evaluation of psychoanalytic psychotherapies, in individual, group or institutional settings;


·         the development of six international inter-university networks: Adolescent phenomenology; Creation phenomenology; Transdisciplinary inter-university clinical criminology; Group and intersubjective links; Disability; Early childhood; Projective methods and psychoanalysis.


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Updated March 19, 2020


Directrice: Magali RAVIT,
Coordinatrice de recherche: Eliane GASTALDO,
Gestionnaire financier: Farida MARTINEZ,
Université Lumière Lyon 2