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Before 1993, research was carried out in the Laboratoire de psychologie clinique (Laboratory of clinical psychology) directed by Professor Jean GUILLAUMIN, with Professor Jean BERGERET being a member of the laboratory’s team.

Well before being known as the "CRPPC", the "Laboratoire de psychologie clinique de Lyon" had developed research in clinical psychology and psychopathology in a comprehensive orientation, in which where shaped the main options which the current CRPPC bears the legacy :

  • On the one hand, the exploration of clinical problematics in relation with « destructivity and negativity » versus « creation and creativity »,

  • On the other hand, the focus on shaping different forms of psychopathology.

  • Finally, the reflection on the forms of institutional and group bond.

Coming in different forms that bear the mark of their adjustment to social evolution, these major themes have remained in the background of clinical and psychopathological research.


The story of the CRPPC starts in1993. The research center was created in January 1993 by Professor René KAES, following a merging of numerous research laboratories part of the IRISH, the Institute for Research and Intervention in Human Sciences.


- In 1994, the CRPPC becomes Equipe d’Accueil (specific status in French Law for approved laboratories) following entitlement by the Ministry of Education as Master of Advanced Studies (in French DEA now known as Research Master).

- The CRPPC is attached to the Direction Générale de la Recherche et des Etudes Doctorales (DRED) (

- It is part of the école doctoral N° 485 - EPIC - (Education – Psychology – Information and Communication).

- The CRPPC provides students and teacher-researchers with a resource center that serves as workspace for Reseach Master or PhD students.

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Updated May 2, 2016


Directrice: Magali RAVIT,
Coordinatrice de recherche: Eliane GASTALDO,
Gestionnaire financier: Farida MARTINEZ,
Université Lumière Lyon 2